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Chocolate Invaders

Chocolate Invaders is a classic, retro-style arcade game that proves that candy can be dangerous. Be careful of falling sweets!

This is a game that you will understand and love after just seconds, similar to many other old school arcade games you have played multiple times. But there is a reason this sort of game has survived the test of time: it remains darn fun. Playing this game will remind you of the fun and challenge that comes with this style of gaming.

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Flappy Rocket

In Flappy Rocket you control a cheeky little rocket that is trying to pick up gold coins floating around in space - and hoping to rake up that delicious high score.

As a one-button game, at first glance, it might seem like a very easy game to pick up for a few minutes. But don’t let appearances fool you - this game is much harder than you think.

You can only click one button, up, and that is the only thing keeping your little rocket ship from hitting the bottom and exploding into pieces. Are there explosions in space? This rocket seems to think so! If you hit the top, you’re out too. But top and bottom aren’t your only problems, as you’re flying large planets will swoop on by, making the levels even more hazardous, and the coins more difficult to grab.

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UFO Arkanoid Deluxe

UFO Arkanoid Deluxe takes the elements of Pong and turns it into a sci-fi adventure full of aliens and UFOs. Swipe around the universe and take down as many Martian foes as possible.

The game is easy to understand. All you must do is slide the paddle along the base of the screen and watch as the bouncing ball comes towards you. Line up your paddle so the ball will bounce against it and upward towards some of the flying UFOs. Take out as many aliens as possible.

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Paradise Cube

Paradise Cube is an entertaining game where you have to destroy colored blocks to complete the levels. At every level you are given a goal of blocks to destroy, so make sure you reach it. Once you start a level, you can start destroying all blocks of the same color that are together, while more blocks will fall from the top of the screen.

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Ultimate Pong

Ultimate Pong is a new action packed take on an arcade classic. In this game, you control a bat that moves up and down to protect the soccer ball from entering your own goal. Your challenge is to get the ball past your opponent’s bat into the net, and the first to ten goals wins!

Paddle pong has three difficulties. On Easy mode, the opponent’s bat moves up and down fairly slowly, at a regular pace. On Difficult mode, the bat increases speed and now will move up and down to meet the ball rather than following its normal path. On Expert mode you will face a real challenge as both the bats of you and your opponent can move not only up and down but also forward and backward!

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Flying Easter Bunny

Flying Easter Bunny is a simple but challenging game that will push your reflexes to the limit and have you addicted for hours trying to beat your high scores! In the game, you are a magical flying easter bunny that needs to collect floating eggs in the sky. However, you’re on a strict time limit, and can lose by running out of time, hitting the pillars that support the floating eggs, or flying too high or low!

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Line Color 3D

Line Colour 3D is an exciting game in which you control a series of lovable children’s characters, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Brum the racing car, as you attempt to color in a long line. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and fun characters, though, as this game isn’t easy! You’ll work on your coordination and timing skills as you try to avoid obstacles that revolve in your path. Crashing into these will send you back to the beginning of the level!

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Aqua Blocks

Take a dive into the blue sea and join the merpeople for a game of underwater Tetris. Aqua Blocks adds an aquatic twist to the classic game, whilst still keeping the formula mostly the same. Drag and drop blocks into the game grid, trying to create full solid vertical or horizontal lines to destroy them and earn points. Keep in mind though, that if you run out of space or have nowhere to place new blocks you will lose the game. So, take a break and try a round of Aqua Blocks for yourself!

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Pong Soccer

Pong Soccer is a fun soccer-themed version of the classic arcade game Pong. Let the crowds cheer you on as you take on an AI opponent, trying to score five goals before your opponent. Choose to play on normal level (with a medium fast ball and opponent) or back your skills and play on hard if you want to develop excellent coordination skills!

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Pony Fly In A Fantasy World

Pony Fly in a Fantasy World is a fun Pegasus-themed take on the flappy bird genre. Play as a side scrolling flying pony, who needs to make it through delicately sized gaps between pink crystals to continue her flight. You control her flight, but have to be careful as reaching the top and bottom of the screen, or crashing into the crystals, will send you back to the beginning! This will push your reflexes and timing skills to the limit!

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Xmas Bubble Army

Xmas Bubble Army is a Christmas themed take on bubble shooter classics, in which you fire ball balls with the aim of creating a line of three of the same colour, which will then be destroyed. If any of the ball balls reach the line of your gun, you will lose! This game has exciting colourful Christmas graphics, and also features an autosave function so that when you have a game continuing for hours, you’ll be able to come back to it later!

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Stick Santa

Disfruta de este popular juego en línea. Stick Santa es un juego divertido y muy adictivo en el que debes hacer crecer los palos y dejarlos caer para que Papá Noel pueda cruzar y evitar la gran caída. Asegúrate de que tu palo no sea ni demasiado corto ni demasiado largo, de lo contrario se caerá. ¿Puedes ayudar a que los niños reciban sus merecidos regalos este año ayudando a Papá Noel a cruzar las brechas mortales? No es tan fácil como parece. ¡Buena suerte!

La idea es ayudar a Papá Noel a cruzar las brechas mortales. Este juego te ayudará a desarrollar tu capacidad de juicio. No es nada fácil, pero se puede conseguir. Serás capaz de empezar a elegir la distancia requerida, especialmente cuando el siguiente soporte será muy fino, ¡esto reduce el margen de error básicamente a cero!

Cómo jugar: Haz clic en el ratón de tu ordenador o en el touchpad para controlar y empieza a mantener pulsado el botón. Cuanto más tiempo lo mantenga, más crecerá será el palo.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en navegadores PC/Mac. Por desgracia, no funciona en dispositivos móviles.

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Valentine's Bubble Shooter

Valentine's Bubble Shooter is a romantic twist on the classic bubble shooter genre. Match three or more bubbles of the same color to remove them from the game. The bubbles will advance towards your line, so prioritize bubbles closest to you to keep yourself safe! Free up all the bubbles to complete each level.

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Bubble Shooter Planets

Bubble Shooter Planets is a galactic addition to the classic bubble shooter genre! Shoot planets to combine three or more of the same color to remove them from the game. Removing all planets will win the level, although you will be playing against the clock so work quickly and accurately. Don’t let the planets reach your base line, as this will result in failure!

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Rainbow Tile

Test your reflexes, and sanity, with Rainbow Tile as you desperately make your way further and further into the skies to escape hitting the rainbow bridge. Rainbow Tile is the perfect game to play with your friends as you take turns to see who has the fastest reflexes and accuracy as you ascend the multicoloured and broken space ladder without taking too long or missing a block.

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Mango Mania

In Mango Mania, you must help a weird little green monster in his quest to eat as many mangos as he can. Help him navigate his way through puzzle-based obstacle levels where you need to collect a shiny gem needed to unlock the gate of each level and progress to the next; collect and eat all three mangos in each level to get a higher score! Mango Mania is a lovely puzzle game that is a great choice for your children to play and will certainly entertain them for many hours.

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Roller Coaster Cave

Have you experienced an amazing rollercoaster ride, and thought "I would love do this regularly"? Well, in Roller Coaster Cave, you can actually drive an awesomely fast coaster...through a cave! How cool does that sound? Come and have a go and see if you have the skills required for this challenging expedition!

The aim of this game is to get as far into the cave as possible on the rollercoaster. Don't flip over or effectively crash...this will spell disaster and will require restarting! the further you get, the higher, and more impressive, your score will be! This fast and furious rollercoaster game should be a very good fit for all of you daredevil thrill-seekers out there who need some PC kicks right now, or anyone who simply enjoys fun 1-player coaster games with a bit of a twist. Excellent timing skills are required here, and an appreciation for the fact that speed is not always the answer to everything! You must carefully guide the coaster through the deep unexplored cave! How far can you go?

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Bullet Jakke Adventure

Boys will be boys. A statement that rings true when it comes to the naughty shenanigans that Jakke and his brother get up to in Bullet Jakke Adventure! Jakke is a daredevil through and through, which is why he wants to see how far you can travel by getting shot out of a cannon! Join the hazardous duo, especially Jakke, as they fire cannons, crash into dinosaurs and get flung into the skies!

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Snake Worm

Snake Worm is a fun game for anyone looking to play a new version of the classic snake game!

All you have to do is collect items to get bigger. Sounds simple, right? Just be careful of the enemy you have that can take you out in one hit! Collect as many items as you can to grow in size and increase your score! Boost to get away from the enemy or collect items before they disappear.

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Frosty Foxy

Frosty Foxy is a rather sweet game where you play as a fox in the freezing arctic, avoiding snowballs and icicles to collect gems to eventually buy pretty outfits.

The game has quite a lovely atmosphere, beautiful backgrounds and design, and a very sweet fox. It's a basic 2D game with a stationary screen where you move left and right to avoid the dangers and grab gems when they fall. You can also jump to avoid the incoming snowballs. What is nice about the game is it warns a little ahead of time from where the icicle or snowball will be coming from, making it particularly appealing for kids! But it can get more and more difficult the more gems you collect, so although it's easy at first, the pace does pick and soon you'll be dodging snowballs like mad!

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Christmas Bubbles

Play a Christmas Holiday Season-themed bubble shooting game against the clock on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC! Christmas Bubbles is a straight-forward, point and click / finger tapping matching game where you must fire colored Christmas baubles into a large grid, and try to create and eliminate matching groups of three-or-more same colored, adjacent baubles! 

There are 40 levels in total, and your task in each level is to reach a target number of points before the clock runs out! The bigger the matching group of ball decorations, the more points you score! However, you must not allow the grid of baubles to reach the red dotted line at the bottom of the grid!

This online, HTML5-based, bubble shooter / match 3 color puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Good focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination skills, and accurate mouse clicking / finger tapping are important here, as well as a cool head under the pressures of time and a target score! A sense of urgency, fast reactions and sharp visual / color problem-solving skills also come into play as you attempt to reach the target score before that clock reaches zero! 

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Hello Kitty Pinball

Join Kitty White in an exciting game of Japanese Pachinko mixed with classic pinball in Hello Kitty Pinball. Hello Kitty Pinball plays mostly like classic pinball, just with a few additions. Your goal will be to earn as many points as you can before the timer of a minute and a half runs out. Earn points by launching colourful balls into the machine as you try to get them to bounce off of the colourful bumpers below for different point values. That said, the main focus and goal of the game is just to relax and have some fun with Hello Kitty!

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EG Tom Runner Run away from the little doggy while avoiding birds and other obstacles in EG Tom Runner!

You know that dogs hate postal workers and you’re no exception! This puppy is not stopping and you have to avoid potholes, birds, and barricades to keep it away! You’ll have to jump or duck depending on the obstacle, but watch out for birds that fly low to throw you off! You can only run into three things before you fall over. How far can you go before getting knocked over by the adorable yet vicious pup?

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Black Star Pinball

Enjoy a simple, one-level, online pinball game playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop! Black Star Pinball is a fun and addicting, zoo animal-themed, reactions-based skill game where your goal is to prolong the pinball action for as long as possible by keeping a metal ball in play using the two controllable flippers at the bottom of the play area. Score as many points as you can by shooting the speedy pinball off of the many points-scoring obstacles and wacky installations in the center of the pinball machine, just try to avoid letting the ball fall through the bottom of the play area! You have three pinballs to work with; see if you can improve your score with each attempt!

This HTML5-based, pinball / arcade game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Sharp reflexes, good concentration and anticipation skills are the key to success as the pinball often ricochets at high speed around the cluttered play area. Simple patience and a willingness for trial and error also come into play – The ball may spend a good few seconds pinging around the top of the machine before coming down toward your flippers.

Control Features: For laptop / desktop players, use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your flippers – as using your mouse / touchpad is quite tricky (but is an option for harder play). Mobile / tablet players should simply tap / touch on the corresponding left or right half of the screen to operate the flippers. Enjoy the action!

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Wild Push

You have to move and you have to move quickly if you want to succeed in Wild Push. This game is a casual and simple running game that has you in a mess of penguins, looking to get through the crowd and across the finish line.

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Carnival Ducks

Take a trip to the virtual carnival and try your luck at the classic game of duck shooting to see how good of a shot you are. Accuracy is not the only thing that matters when playing Carnival Ducks; a keen and observant eye is equally as important. The rules of the game are to shoot as many bad ducks and annoying fish as you can before the timer runs out. Just make sure not to shoot any of the peaceful ducks! Carnival Ducks is a quick game to hoop into and unwind with.

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Rabbids Volcano Panic

If you're in search of a fresh, distinctive gaming experience, then look no further! Introducing Rabbids Volcano Panic, a thrilling adventure that's anything but ordinary. In this volcanic game of survival, you'll compete against dozens of rivals as you leap across floating, unstable islands leading to an erupting volcano. In this high-stakes obstacle race, the goal is to outlast everyone else. Can you handle the heat?

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Santa Run

Embark on a frosty sprint through a winter wonderland in Santa Run, where the joy of the holiday season meets the rush of an endless chase. As the jolly old elf himself, you'll dash through a snowy village, leaping and swerving to reclaim your stolen gold from a cunning raccoon bandit. With every stride, Santa's determination grows—join him in a race against time to ensure the magic of Christmas prevails!

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your decision-making speed as you navigate through this merry escapade. Each swipe and click not only propels Santa forward but also trains your hand-eye coordination and cognitive agility. As you collect candy sticks and dodge festive obstacles, you'll find yourself immersed in an experience that hones your skills in a playful, holiday-themed environment.

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SantaDays Christmas

Santa Days Christmas is the winter or snow day game that you need to play! Compete against up to 40 other contestants as you compete to see who can reach the finish line first! Play across this games dozens of different courses, all with unique challenges of their own, and collect crowns along the way to unlock dozens of awesome costumes. See how many crowns you can collect!

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Treasure Hunter Jack

Jack no es el típico cazador de tesoros, juega como Jack en Treasure Hunter Jack y métete en su pellejo para saborear la vida del cazador de tesoros. Vive maravillosas aventuras con jack mientras se embarca en la búsqueda de los artefactos y tesoros más raros y codiciados que el mundo puede ofrecer.

Excava en las profundidades de la tierra con tu equipo de caza tesoros especializado y recoge hermosos artefactos nunca vistos en este adictivo juego de arcade. Apunta tu garra para alcanzar y coger el botín evitando huesos y escombros que no tienen ningún valor para nuestro cazador de tesoros. Después de adquirir el tesoro puedes salir y vender los hallazgos para obtener un beneficio considerable. Jack tiene el mejor trabajo del mundo.

Cómo jugar: Haz clic en pagar para empezar a jugar después de que desaparezca la pantalla de carga. La garra de Jack oscila de izquierda a derecha, así que depende de ti sincronizarla a la perfección para hacerte con el botín más valioso sin perder de vista el temporizador. Recoge todo el botín que puedas antes de que se acabe el tiempo. Controla la garra con los controles táctiles en dispositivos móviles o con el ratón en PC.

El juego es compatible con dispositivos móviles (iOS/Android), así como con también, con ordenadores portátiles y de sobremesa.

Para disfrutar de la mejor experiencia, utilice los navegadores Chrome, Safari o Firefox más recientes.

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Santa Claus Vs Christmas Gifts

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with Santa Claus Vs Christmas Gifts, a captivating and exhilarating game that brings the joy of Christmas to your fingertips. This Arkanoid style block destroyer game takes you on a thrilling journey through 30 different levels, where your mission is to help Santa Claus explode all the Christmas gifts. Each gift has a number that indicates how many times it needs to be shot to explode. So, buckle up for a fun-filled adventure that will keep you hooked for hours!

As you navigate through the snowy landscapes and beautifully wrapped gifts, you'll find yourself honing a variety of skills. Your strategic thinking will be put to the test as you decide which gifts to target first, enhancing your decision-making abilities. Your hand-eye coordination will also be sharpened as you aim and shoot at the gifts, while your reflexes will be challenged as you react to the fast-paced gameplay. This game is not just about festive fun, it's a delightful way to boost your cognitive and motor skills.

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Hungry Corgi - Cute Music Game

Embark on a whimsical journey with Hungry Corgi - Cute Music Game, where rhythm and cuteness collide to create an unforgettable adventure. This game invites you to feed a charming corgi to the beat of delightful tunes, specially crafted to enhance your gaming experience. It's not just a game; it's a doorway to a world where music, pets, and fun intertwine, offering a relaxing yet challenging escapade into the realm of rhythm.

Dive into a symphony of cognitive enhancement and dexterity refinement as you navigate through the musical world of our furry friend. Each note struck and cheese collected not only progresses you through this enchanting universe but also sharpens your reaction times and rhythm recognition. It's a harmonious blend of entertainment and skill development, where every beat aims to improve your musical intuition and hand-eye coordination, making every moment spent in this game a step towards mastering the art of rhythm.

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